3D scaning with range camera in mining applications

When you blast in the mountain, some of the rocks turn out to be to large for transport. To deal with this, rockbreakers are placed at the top of the mine shafts to crush these before transport. The reasons for having a rock breaker is to prevent large boulders to block the ore shafts, crushes or the filling station. This also gives a opportunity to discover unwanted objects such as rock bolts and other metal objects. Today it takes quite a lot of time to steer the rockbreaker arm into the right position. The operator also has to check every bucket emptied by the loader, on the grizzly. If the grizzly is empty, the operator gives a clear signal.

There is not a range camera on the market today that can meet the requirement that are needed for scanning such a large area in such environment. The project consists of constructing a range camera, made of a CCD camera and a light projector, in order to get a 3D image over the rock. The report is describing the range camera and the possible setups and alterations for it. The image quality will vary a lot, so a discussion on how to filter the images in the most effective way is presented. Methods of visualization is also included. A complication is that some times the rock is not with the optimal position upwards. So finding the right angle of attack is important.

Author: Hermelin, Marcus; Gornescu, Bogdan

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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