3D-visualisering till Eve

We have under a 10 week period been producing a part of Peter Martinsson’s short movie Eve. He had an aesthetic vision and we handled the technical part. This meant that we couldn’t change the core idea behind the movie but we could influence the visual outcome due to the fact that we built a large part of the backdrop.Through this work we’ve been trying to improve our knowledge of Alias Wavefront Maya but also to evolve as 3D artists. The goal of this project was not to complete the entire movie but to learn from the process of making this movie.We have had to adapt our working process to be able to produce the unique look of this movie. By doing so we have aquired new knowledge in the ways of meeting customers demands and ideas, both mental and technical. We have also aquired new skills in the craft of modeling and in the field of using Maya. The more you work with 3D, the faster you’ll be able to model and you ability to produce fine details without falling into the usual traps becomes greater than it was before. In this line of work practice makes perfect.

Author: Marc Nicander, Katarina Tilholm, Thomas Svard

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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