Aaro Mobile: a J2ME client for enterprise reports

There are more and more applications appearing for mobile devices. So far, a lot of them have been focused on entertaining the user. However, there are good reasons to believe that mobile enterprise applications will increase in the near future. Normally, an enterprise application puts higher demands on the software development kit and runtime environment in terms of security, communications and performance. This master’s thesis will explore those, and related subjects from the starting point of a mobile enterprise report client.

Aaro Systems delivers group-level reporting systems. Many companies are reporting frequently, as often as every week. For some of their users finding a workstation with the standard client at the time the report is ready is not always possible. Therefore, Aaro wanted to explore the possibilites of letting their users view some reports in their cell phones. A first version of such a client was developed as part of this master’s thesis work. The choices for solutions are stated and motivated in this document.

It turns out that the possibilites for developing mobile enterprise applications are good. Of course there are problems that needs workarounds when developing for mobile J2ME capable devices. This thesis highlights some of them and give an overview of possible solutions.

Author: Kihlanki Skotte, Kristian

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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