Study of abnormal combustion oscillations in gas fired appliances

The thesis work discusses abnormal combustion noise in gas-fired appliances. An experimental model was made to provide insight into the causes of abnormal combustion noises. The experimental model was modelled mathematically considering it as a feedback loop system. Finally a stability plot was made to find out at what frequencies the system is stable


1 Notation
2 Introduction
3 Problem Description
4 Build Up Of Combustion Oscillations
5 Frequency Domain Evaluation
6 Conditions For Self-Excitation
7 Properties Of Transfer Functions
7.1 Transfer Function Of Combustion Chamber
7.2 Transfer Function Of The Burner And Flame
8 Modal Analysis Of The Combustion Chamber
8.1 Solution For Undamped Force System
8.2 Procedure
8.3 Results
9 Theoretical Derivation Of Acoustical Impedance For Open Air Column
9.1 Variables Considered
9.2 Setting Up Of M And K Matrices
10 Feedback Control System
11 Stability Diagram
12 Conclusion
13 References

Author: Dasari Vijay Kumar, Palli Kishore Kumar

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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