Adolescent Secure-Base Use and Parental Secure-Base Support: Relations with Adolescent Attachment Security

The goal of this investigation was to examine whether adolescent (AAI) attachment security could be linked to adolescents’ secure-base use and parents’ secure-base support while discussing the adolescent’s developmentally salient task of leaving home after finishing high school. Results indicated that secure adolescents…


Chapter I:Introduction
The Present Study: Research Questions and Hypotheses
Chapter II: Method
Leaving Home Discussion-Task Rating System
Adult Attachment Interview
Chapter III: Results
Distribution of Adolescent AAI Classifications
Adolescent, Parent, and Dyadic Behavior: Data Reduction and Descriptive Data
Links between Adolescent Attachment Security and Adolescent Secure- Base
Use, Parental Secure-Base Support, and Adolescent-Parent Dyadic Open
Are secure adolescents more likely than insecure adolescents to use their parents as secure bases?
Are parents of secure adolescents more likely than parents of insecure
adolescents to be more supportive of their adolescents’ secure- base behavior?
Are secure adolescent-parent dyads more likely than insecure
adolescent-parent dyads to openly ….
Chapter IV: Discussion

Author: Dykas, Matthew Jason

Source: University of Maryland

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