Advanced Content In State E-Government: Criteria for Evaluation

In this report we examine the application of 5 kinds of advanced content in state e-government: video and audio content, RSS feeds, podcasts, blogs, and participative services. Local government sites and governors’ sites had been analyzed to find out if and just how they applied any of the 5 assessment criteria. Points were given for the existence of these criteria, with extra points being given for examples of advanced content which were considered to be of superior quality depending on identified measures. The research identified several state e-government websites have implemented features that set standards for the use of advanced content in an e-government setting…

Contents: Advanced Content In State E-Government: Criteria for Evaluation

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Definitions and Research Landscape
2.1: E-government evaluation efforts
2.2: Definitions
2.3: Advanced content in federal e-government
Chapter 3: Methodology
3.1 Evaluation example: Arkansas state government portal
Chapter 4: Survey Results
4.1: State government portals
4.2: Governors’ websites
Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusions
5.1 Comparisons to other studies and statistics
5.2 Limitations…

Source: University of Maryland

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