Affiliate marketing: perspective of content providers

This thesis depicts how content providers (aka publishers or affiliates) use affiliate marketing, a performance oriented internet marketing. Three different content providers were interviewed in order to find out detailed information about their usage of affiliate marketing.

The thesis identifies main advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing for content providers and specifies conditions, under which affiliate marketing is more beneficial than other types of online advertising. Moreover, the process of selecting affiliate marketing program by content providers is described.

This paper concludes in a model of a typical affiliate marketing usage. Furthermore, the work proposes using different terminology for content providers, because it was found out that the term content provider does not cover all aspects of the business any more, as affiliate marketing can even be used without providing any content. Finally, recommendations for companies, that are planning to start a new affiliate program, are also added and the work suggests several topics for further research in this field.

Author: Benediktova, Barbora; Nevosad, Lukas

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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