After sales service necessity and effectivness: case study of Sarir International Company

Today’s competitive environment of computer components industry created a very complicated situation for all relevant firms. This tough competition forced suppliers to have a serious attention to Services and made them to apply it as an effective marketing tool. After Sales Service is one type of the above mentioned services that is going to be discussed in this thesis.

The purpose of this study is to gain deeper understanding about the necessity of after sales service department for computer components’ distributors. To reach to the stated purpose, we founnd answers for two research questions of “why companies should provide after sales service” and “how they can provide influential after sales service center”.

To be able to answer the research questions, a qualitative approach was used with a case study of computer components distributor by the name of SARIR INTERNATIONAL in Iran.

By collecting the data and analyzing them, we found that, there are many advantages for after sales service, which encourages companies to provide it. We also explained few potential advantages, which have not been properly used by most of the firms yet and can be useful as well. In last part of our finding we showed that selecting the proper method and strategy are two main factors that are essential for creating an effective after sales service center.

Author: Rostamidehbaneh, Shahla; Forooz, Farzin

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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