Ageing of bottom ash with regard to its compatibility with bentonite

The Division of Waste Science and Technology at Luleå Technical University on behalf of and in co-operation with Telge Återvinning, Swedish recycling company, is developing a cover system with recycled waste materials, e.g. fly ash, digested sewage sludge and a mixture of bottom ash with bentonite. This Master Thesis is focused on the characterization of bottom ashes from the Tveta landfill (Telge Återvinning AB) that were deposited for ageing for a period of nine months.

The aim was to assess the compatibility of the bottom ashes with Friedland clay, a type of bentonite, when mixed in order to be used as liner in a top cover construction on a landfill.

The ageing process reduces the pH value of the bottom ash, which is important for its compatibility with Friedland clay. The treated ash does not generate leachate, which could deteriorate the chemical and mechanical properties of the Friedland clay.

Author: Magidova, Viktoria; Kalinka, Olga

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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