Aid and Corruption: Possible solutions for the Babati District, Tanzania

In many countries poverty is widespread, and so is also corruption. Foreign aid is given to countries in need to combat poverty, but unfortunately corruption has a restraining effect on the effectiveness of aid. The aim of this thesis is to examine how Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, handles the issue of aid and corruption in the Babati District, Tanzania…


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem
1.2 Aim
2 Background
2.1 Sida
2.2 Corruption Perception Index
2.3 Babati District
3 Theoretical considerations and framework
3.1 Definition of aid
3.2 Recipients of aid
3.3 Definition and consequences of corruption
3.4 Effectiveness of aid
3.4.1 Good governance and policies are the right environment for aid
3.4.2 Effectiveness
3.5 Financial donations is not the answer – critique of the contemporary aid system
3.6 Non-financial aid
4 Methodological considerations
4.1 Method
4.2 Validity and Reliability
5 Results
5.1 Interviews
6 Analysis
7 Discussion
8 Conclusions
9 Appendix

Author: Lidholm, Emma

Source: Sodertorn University

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