Airline Reservation System Visual Basic VB

Airline Reservation System is for use at various reservation agencies to book seats for travelers online. It’s actually a customer oriented software as well as simple to operate. The Airline Reservation System is an endeavor to incorporate the services provided by the various airlines and companies. It offers to make the procedure for flight reservation, Web based, where the various airlines will have a common platform for reservation of seats in their flights. As a result it benefits the tourists along with the airlines concerned. The aim for making this project is to better facilitate booking system to make it more customer friendly.

A video tutorial on Airline Reservation System

Airline Ticket Reservation System provides information regarding all flights ,their arrival, their departure, seat availability and other associated things to client. In reservation module the client gives information which the software requires and he can get his seat if it is available. Same is also for cancelling process after the valid data about customer is given then software cancels the seat and increase that no of seats in the list of available seats.

We will use the waterfall model in software design.

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