Alternative Methods for Assessment of Split Renal Function

Living kidney donation is actually a clinical scenario with distinctive characteristics meaning that healthy people voluntarily expose themselves to specific risks and inconveniences. Thus, getting rid of as much of the related pain as possible is important. The main purpose of this research was to assess whether it’s feasible to make use of the examination with computed tomography (CT), that is necessary to the study, additionally for figuring out the ratio of the 2 kidneys’ function – the split renal function. If at all possible, an examination with gamma camera renography might be omitted from the work-up. To check out this possibility, Twenty-seven people who had undergone CT and renography as part of kidney donor investigation had been analyzed retrospectively. The amount of contrast material in each kidney was regarded proportional to that kidney’s function, and measurement was made in each one of the 2 available contrast phases. The outcomes were compared to the results from renography. An identical investigation was conducted in Thirty eight individuals inspected for suspected renal artery stenosis with CT and renography, together with a study of an automatized technique for the acquisition of data from CT. For additional scrutiny, a respiratory triggered dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination was looked into in Twenty six sufferers. Results of split renal function were compared to renography and with CT in a subgroup…

Contents: Alternative Methods for Assessment of Split Renal Function

Anatomy of the kidneys
Deinition of renal function
Urine formation
Reabsorption and secretion
Measurement of renal function
Measurement of split renal function
CT measurement of split renal function
Aims of the study
General aim
Speciic aims
99mTc-MAG3 Renography
Statistical methods
Principle for report of results
Paper I
Papers II and III
Paper IV
Paper I
Mechanisms for renal autoregulation
Paper II
Background correction
Renography errors
Paper III
MRI pulse sequence settings
Examples of high discrepancy
Paper IV
Methods for CT volume assessment
Contrast phase signiicance…

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