Targeting Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease in a Transgenic Model

The Arctic mutation causes early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and makes amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides more prone to form Aβ protofibrils. The aims of this thesis were to investigate the mechanisms of the Arctic mutation in vivo, and to use transgenic models to determine the role of early intermediates of Aβ aggregation, like protofibrils…


Alzheimer’s disease
Clinical picture, diagnosis and current therapeutics
Genetics and risk factors
The amyloid hypothesis
APP and its processing
A aggregation
Animal models of Alzheimer’s diseas
Transgenic models
Future treatment strategies of Alzheimer’s diseas
Passive immunization
Specific aims
Present investigations
Paper I
The Arctic mutation in an in vivo model
Paper II
The Arctic mutation triggers intracellular production
Paper III
In vivo function of A protofibrils
Paper IV
Targeting A protofibrils with immunotherapy…


Author: Lord, Anna

Source: Uppsala University Library

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