Attributes of a good website from a customer service perspective

A website is an invaluable business tool for both companies and their customers.Websites enables organizations to make as much information available to customers as we think is needed. Having a good website is not only a decisive step into the future, but a necessary move to stay competitive in this fast paced world. The purpose of this thesis is to provide deeper understanding of how to create a positive web experience for customers. In order to reach this purpose, research questions focusing on the website functionality as well as website effectiveness were focused on. Using the research questions as a guide, a literature review was conducted, landing in a conceptual framework that could be empirically tested. To collect this data, a qualitative case study approach was utilized with two case studies focusing on the customer’s web experiences on two commercial websites in Bangladesh. Interview and direct observation were used to collect the data. The findings of the study indicate that the attributes of websites and how positively they are perceived, as well as certain factors of website effectiveness, can create a positive web experience for customer

Author: Hossain, Mosharaf; Hossain, Mohammad Haidar

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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