Bioenergy, Pollution, and Economic Growth

This thesis consists of four papers: two of them deal with the effects on the forest sector of an increase in the demand for forest fuels, and two of them concern the relation between economic growth and pollution.

Paper [I] is a first, preliminary study of the potential effects on the Swedish forest sector of a continuing rise in the use of forest resources as a fuel in energy generation. Sweden has made a commitment that the energy system should be sustainable, i.e., it should be based on renewable resources. However, an increasing use of the forest resources as an energy input could have effects outside the energy sector. We consider this in a static model by estimating a system of demand and supply equations for the four main actors on the Swedish roundwood market; forestry, sawmills, pulpmills and the energy sector. We then calculate the industries’ short run supply and demand elasticities…


2 Methodologies
2.1 Papers [I] and [II]
2.2 Papers [III] and [IV]
4 Summary of the papers
Paper [I] Biofuels and the Forest Sector – An Econometric Model of the Swedish Forest Sector
Paper [II] Effects of Increased Demand for Biofuels: A Dynamic Model of the Swedish Forest Sector.
Paper [III] Shadow Prices for Undesirables in Swedish Industry: Indication of En-vironmental Kuznets Curves?
Paper [IV] A Dual Assessment of the Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Case of Sweden.

Author: Ankarhem, Mattias

Source: Umea University

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