Positioning with Bluetooth, IrDA and RFID

We are living in the information era, people are getting more mobile and the technology is constantly advancing. Technologies that were once static in location are now becoming mobile and constantly changing position. Information that never changed before must now be dynamic and change as the user is moving around. By providing a location to applications we cannot only change position related information, but also open doors to applications and functions that were not possible before.

The Alipes project was initiated at the Center for Distance-spanning Technology (CDT) in LuleƄ. The purpose of this project is to create an architecture for location aware applications. Several positioning systems are already supported, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), Mobile Positioning System (MPS), and WaveLAN. MPS is however not very accurate and GPS typically will not work indoors.WaveLAN has a good accuarcy and do work indoors, but is too power consuming. Thus, there is a need for a positioning system that is accurate, works indoors and has low powerconsumption.

This report focuses on three systems with low powerconsumption, capable of close range positioning indoors as well as outdoors. These systems are: IrDA, RFID and Bluetooth. As a result of an evaluation of the three systems, a Bluetooth positioning system was implemented and included into the Alipes platform.

Author: Hallberg, Josef; Nilsson, Marcus

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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