Building consumer trust: an online perspective

The Internet and all other electronic means have changed our way of doing business, and many of our businesses and transactions today are conducted online. Yet consumers marketers fight for building trust between one other. Other than being able to touch and “test” products physically, it is now possible to have all types of contacts and exchanges via the Internet. Therefore, consumer trust in online environment is of great importance, and understanding it is the aim of this research. The specific purpose of this thesis is to gain a better understanding on how to build and maintain consumer trust in the online environment. To reach this purpose, three research questions (RQ) based on previous theories emerged and resulted in a conceptual framework. Using a qualitative methodological approach, data was collected via interactive observation for each of three case studies. Comparing the empirical data with the conceptual framework, findings and conclusions emerged. The online environment and the quality and usability of websites helps the browser and consumer to be attracted and accessible to the information and the product and services available online. Transaction reliability and security are the most important to consider before a consumer decides to purchase. Customer service helps to make these decisions happen and also to maintain the step-by-step process of building trust.

Author: Almol Akin, Shah Mohammad; Singh, Rajdeep

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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