A study on the buying behaviour of rolling stock purchasers: a case of Sudanese railway establishment

This thesis deals with buying behaviour of rolling stock purchasers. In order to not lag behind, marketers need to understand the buying behaviour of organisations since this is a key to success when formulating marketing strategies. Our ambition is to provide a better understanding of the supplier selection criteria, by investigating the dimensions and roles in the buying process, buying centre for different buy classes in the Sudanese railway establishment.

In order to achieve the purpose of this research, a case study of the Sudanese railway establishment was conducted. The main source of empirical evidence consists of interview performed at Sudanese railway establishment.

This study findings indicate that, some environment restriction, job interferences are available in SRC and SRC is looking for set of solution rather than lower price for purchasing rolling stocks. Besides the findings indicate some recommendation for both SRC and marketer.

Author: Barough, Mohammad Hazrati; Fattahi, Mojtaba

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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