Camera System Design

Devices have become increasingly more interconnected to their surroundings over the last few years. The introduction of Bluetooth is likely to further accelerate this trend. With Bluetooth’s bandwidth and expected low price, many devices will likely be fitted with Bluetooth chips and thus enable more devices to exchange data.This master thesis aims at connecting a Personal Digital Assistant to an ARM Thumb microcontroller over Bluetooth. To the ARM Thumb shall an image capturing device be interfaced and the captured images shall be sent over Bluetooth to the Personal Digital Assistant which shall display them.


1 Introduction
1.1 Problem Specification
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Limitations
1.4 Methods
1.5 Reader’s Guide
1.6 Thesis Outline
2 Background
2.1 Start of Project
3 Problem Analysis
3.1 Throughput
3.1.1 Bluetooth Modules
3.1.2 Serial Ports
3.1.3 Compression
3.1.4 Compression Tradeoffs
3.2 Budget
3.3 Information
4 Hardware
4.1 Atmel’s evaluation board.
4.2 Ericsson Bluetooth Modules
4.3 Colour
4.4 Resolution
4.5 Choosing PDA
4.6 Image Capturing Device
4.6.1 Photobit PB-0100 / PB-0101 Image Sensor
4.7 Bluetooth to PDA Interface
4.8 Image Sensor to Evaluation Board Interface
4.8.1 Trigger Signal
4.8.2 Clocking
4.8.3 Bus Interface
4.8.4 I2
C interface
4.8.5 Power Supply
4.8.6 PB-0101
5 Software
5.1 Reading the Input
5.2 Storing the Data
5.3 Checking the Frame Integrity
5.4 Processing the Image Data
5.5 Compressing the Image Data
5.6 Program Structure – Image Sensor Side
5.7 Displaying Graphics
5.8 Decompressing the Image Data
5.9 Program Structure – PDA Side
6 Communication
6.1 The Grey Boxes – Serial Communication
6.1.1 Verification
6.2 The Grey Boxes – Bluetooth Communication
7 Results
7.1 Serial Link Results
7.2 Bluetooth Results
8 Discussion
8.1 The Project in General
8.2 Tools
8.3 PDA
8.4 Bluetooth
8.5 Compression Algorithm
8.6 Image sensor
8.7 Conclusions
Appendix A: Lena
Appendix B: Schematics
Appendix C: Importance of compression algorithm
Appendix D:
Appendix E: Run-length compression

Author: Risberg, Robert

Source: Linköping University

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