The Captive Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus): Nutritional Considerations with Emphasis on Management of Cystinuria

The intent of this project was to investigate options for improvement of a commercially manufactured prescription diet designed to reduce manifestation of clinical disease secondary to cystinuria in captive maned wolves in the United States. Diets high in plant-based protein, independent of sulfur amino acid content, resulted in an increase in average urine pH as well as a decrease in urine cystine crystal formation and cystine excretion in maned wolves. The rate of passage of digesta in maned wolves was very similar to that of domestic dogs on either the commercially available formula and an experimental formula. Differences in nutrient digestibility and mineral retention were seen between the wolves and the dogs, with dogs exhibiting higher digesitibility or retention in all cases….

Author: Childs-Sanford, Sara

Source: University of Maryland

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