Cash crops vs food crops: A case study of household’s crop choices in Babati District

According to earlier research farmer’s crop orientation in developing countries mainly depends on farm size, large-scale farmers prefer cash crop while small-scale farmers prefer subsistence crops. The first aim of this study is to see if this hypothesis can be applied on six households in Babati District in rural Tanzania. The second aim is to investigate if other factors than farm size affect crop portfolio choice and the final aim is to see if those crop portfolio models can be improved. A case-study research design and qualitative interviews are used…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Study area
1.3 Explaining some concepts
1.4 Problem formulation
1.5 Aims of the study
1.6 Research question
2 Theoretical framework
2.1 Household decision making
2.2 Household as a decision-maker
2.3 Theory
2.4 Model of crop portfolio choice under multivariate risks
2.4.1 The Model
2.5 Definition
3 Methodology
3.1 Case-study research
3.2 Methods
3.3 Structure and analyze of the gathered data
3.4 Sampling method
3.5 Data and criticism of the sources
4 Result
5 Discussion
6 Conclusion
7 References

Author: Åström, Petter

Source: Sodertorn University

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