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The Impact of the Washington Metro on Development Patterns

In urban planning, transportation networks aid in shaping the spatial setup of cities. When it comes to large railway systems, a typical perception is that constructing a subway system will increase job opportunities and human population density, thus discouraging urban ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Impacts of an Incentive Based Land Use Policy: An Evaluation of Preservation Easements

This dissertation examines the conversion decision of a landowner from an undeveloped or agricultural use to a subdivision in the presence of an active housing market and an active land preservation program. It utilizes a unique panel dataset and incorporates ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Self-regulation, productivity, and nonlinear pricing. Three essays on quality production in agricultural markets

In this dissertation I analyze the quality choices of a group of producers. In the first essay I use mechanism design to study the interaction of asymmetric information and the democratic process in the quality choices of a group of ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Valuing Climate Amenities In Brazil Using A Hedonic Pricing Framework

In this dissertation, I measure the amenity value of climate in Brazil. The value is useful for the measurement of one consequence of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change. A basic hedonic framework shows that "good" climate is of value to ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Using Tontines to Finance Public Goods: Experimental Evidence

Relying upon voluntary contributions for public goods provision generally results in the under-provision of the good relative to first-best levels due to the free-rider problem. Taxation/allocation schemes have been designed which solve the free-rider problem, but are too complex to ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Three Essays on Coffee Markets

Among the most prominent contributions of agricultural economists to the development field is the analysis of issues in commodity marketing. The topics include the role of competition among market intermediaries in determining marketing margins, analysis of price risks and the ...

Project category: Resource Economics

This study is an enquiry about the role that service quality, asymmetric information, scope of regulation and regulator's preferences play in the regulation of monopolies, with an application to the case of the Chilean electricity distribution industry. In Chapter 1, ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Renewable Resources as a Factor of Production in International Trade

This work provides an extensive review of the literature on trade and environmental issues that has been growing since the early 1990s. The gaps in this literature are identified and generalizations are provided from results that are scattered. Next, we ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Public intervention and household behavior.

How does the distribution of power within the household affect the nutrition of its members? In 1998, the largest social program in rural Mexico (PROGRESA) designed a random experiment for the purpose of evaluation. Exploiting the experimental nature of the ...

Project category: Resource Economics
Optimal Contracting and Vertical Coordination in the Beef Industry: An Assessment of Value-Based Pricing

This dissertation explores the nature and scope of vertical coordination in the U.S. beef industry. From the perspective of the incomplete contract theory of the industrial organization literature, this dissertation first provides a theoretical economic explanation for the traditional and ...

Project category: Resource Economics

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