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Identity Formation: A Process Entwining Generations

The core of this essay is the book “The God of Small Things” written by the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy. The strong power of both caste systems or traditional principles and politics is the starting-point of this essay. For this reason, as

Ice Skating in the Sculpture Garden

This collection includes a prologue and three ten-poem sections. In an attempt to sit quietly, to see and hear as clearly as possible, the poems include much tea-drinking, museum-going, and people-watching. Though most of these poems are… Contents From Bede’s Account of

Monsoon caught in Gulmohars

Monsoon Caught in Gulmohars is a collection of short stories that seeks to explore how otherwise perfect characters find themselves flawed as they try to reconcile with change in their life, and how they view themselves differently, as they try to settle

The Unconventional Woman of Little Women and Good Wives

Little Women and Good Wives is a classic children’s novel published in the late nineteenth century by American writer Louise May Alcott. The book concerns the lives, loves and marriages of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War. Alcott portrays

Men compete, women collaborate A study on collaborative vs. competitive communication styles in mixed-sex conversation

This study is about to see if there are any similarities and differences between male speakers and female speakers in mixed-gender conversations with a special focus on the use of so-called collaborative communication styles and competitive communications styles. Contents 1. Introduction 1.1