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Theatrical Career of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

Title: Nothing Ladylike About It: The Theatrical Career of Anna Elizabeth Dickinson In 1864, at the height of the Civil War, twenty-one year old Anna Elizabeth Dickinson (1842-1932) stood in the House of Representatives, before Congress, the Cabinet, and the Supreme Court…

A Tradeshow Design for Nintendo of America

Designing trade show exhibits for large corporations is a viable career path for students of theatrical design. There are distinct similarities and differences between design for theatre and industry, and by creating a theoretical design for the Nintendo Corporation I compare and

The Performance Culture of Burning Man

Theatre in the United States for the last twenty years has been evolving in scope by way of a cultural phenomenon known as Burning Man. In 2006, this festival attracted over forty thousand participants to the Black Rock Desert in Northwestern Nevada

Carnival Tempests and Strange Showers Indeed: The Politics of Spatial Praxis in the De La Guarda Flying Machine

PerĂ­odo Villa Villa, the genre-bending, multi-layered spectacle-aerobatic-festival-dance-music-circus-rave-ceremony-environmental theatre hybrid created by the Argentinean performance troupe De La Guarda, made its off-Broadway debut on Tuesday, 9 June 1998. Flying through the stratosphere attached to ropes and harnesses, falling from the sky in order