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Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Algorithm

This project is about an anomaly detection algorithm for ground-to-ground, or air-to-ground, software applications requiring automatic target detection making use of hyperspectral (HS) data. A data transformation approach is unveiled to be utilised by the two-sample data structure univariate semiparametric and nonparametric scoring. We have discussed about Hyperspectral Sensing Model, Semiparametric (SemiP) Anomaly Detection, HS Data Transformation, etc.

Data Dissemination and Collection Algorithms

The key objective in this project is to research problems which generalize gossiping and broadcasting. Other topics discussed are: data dissemination problems, data collection approaches, broadcasting in two-tier communication networks, multi-source broadcasting, etc. The algorithms developed are suitable for managing data on local-area networks.

Mobile Paper based Computing

Military work-practice is a tough area of research as paper-based techniques continue to be used. This project comes with a simple solution which permits the digitization of information simultaneously as workpractice stays unaltered for troops utilizing maps in the field. For this reason, a mobile interactive paper-based system is designed which permits the users to keep their current work-flow.

Dynamic Reconfiguration with Virtual Services

We present a new architecture (virtual services) and accompanying implementation for dynamically adapting and reconfiguring the behavior of network services. Virtual services are a compositional middleware system that transparently interposes itself between a service and a client, overlaying new functionality with configurations of modules organized into processing chains.