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GSM Security

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is among the most widely used cellular technology throughout the world. GSM is utilized for a number of uses, but mainly for voice communication and SMS. Security is essential for Global System for Mobile Communications GSM. The security consists of elements utilized to shield the numerous stakeholders, for example service providers & subscribers. In this project, we will discuss: Security Attacks, Cryptographic Protection Methods, Mobile Station (MS), Cryptanalytical Attacks against GS, etc.

Business Process Modeling

This project provides a method to easily convert business rules, written in the PA-notation, to business processes, modeled in BPMN. Business process modeling is now being rapidly employed as a way of business process improvement, perhaps as a way to assess or speed up the business process. Business process modeling utilizes business process modeling languages to establish the business process.

A policy based Mobile Base Unit (MBU) control system using OSGi

In this project we are going to talk about a policy based mobile base unit (MBU) control system that makes use of OSGi framework which is a type of service oriented architecture. We will also discuss about OSGi framework layer model and OSGi services. The Mobile Base Unit (MBU) performs as a gateway between a body area network and the network employed by health providers.

Next Generation Networks services: IP Routing

In this project report we are going to discuss next generation networks services based on IP Routing. Next Generation Networks services form the beginning of a whole new age of innovative and cost-effective services where clients will experience significant new service offerings in addition to cost savings in their usage bills for these kinds of services. Some topics discussed in this report are: Next Generation Networks Architecture, Next Generation Network Switches, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Virtual Private Networks, Wireless Application Protocol, etc.

Brain computer interface & social interaction

A brain-computer interface is actually a direct communication route involving the brain and an external device. In this particular project, we are going to focus on whether or not using a brain-computer interface (BCI) has a bearing on the social interaction between individuals while taking part in a cooperative game. We also discuss about factors that influence social interaction.