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Political Liberalism, Religion, Prophetic Tradition

This project report discusses about some important topics like Prophetic Tradition, Political Liberalism, Religion, Isolationists, Fundamentalists, Typology of Religious Belief, Effects of Obdurateness, Role of the Citizen in the Prophetic Tradition, Political Dimension and Social Imagination. Literature has been filled ...

Project category: Education
The Impact of Vocabulary Instruction on the Vocabulary Knowledge and Writing Performance of Third Grade Students

I examined the effects of vocabulary instruction in theme-related words on students' knowledge of these words, knowledge about the themes, use of these words in their writing, and quality of their writing. Thirty-one third graders, identified as average and below ...

Project category: Education
Public and Private Self-Consciousness During Early Adolescence

The connections between 2 kinds of self-consciousness (public and private) and indices of psychosocial distress (e.g., depression, anxiety) are already well-documented in the adult personality literature. But, little is understood about these kinds of self-consciousness during early adolescence regardless of ...

Project category: Education
Self-Monitoring of Attention Versus Self-Monitoring of Performance with Second-Grade Journal Writing: A Comparison of Two Techniques

Learners usually don't self-monitor when they write. This research analyzed the comparative usefulness of self-monitoring of performance (SMP) and self-monitoring of attention (SMA) in the area of journal writing. Eight second-grade individuals with writing difficulties took part in this research. ...

Project category: Education
Teacher Knowledge: An Ideal Typology

This group research study analyzed the potential functions for received knowledge and classroom experience in the formation of an ideal typology for teacher knowledge. The challenging character of teacher knowledge development was analyzed pertaining to behavioral, psychological, and social influences. ...

Project category: Education
Measurement of alignment between standards and assessment

Many educational systems nowadays are standards-based and focus on for alignment, i.e. consistency, among the aspects of the educational system: standards, teaching and assessment. To summarize whether the alignment is adequately high, analyses with a useful model are required. This ...

Project category: Education
Validation of the Instructional Consultation Teams Level of Implementation Scale

This report is targeted on Validation of the Instructional Consultation Teams Level of Implementation Scale. Consultation has been proposed as a viable indirect service delivery system for schools (Sheridan & Gutkin, 2000), enabling teachers and other professionals to assist students ...

Project category: Education
Emotional Intelligence, Insight, Transference, and Session Outcome

This study examined the relationship between client emotional intelligence, insight, transference, and session outcome in a single session of ongoing counseling. Thirty therapists completed a total of 86 client ratings. The results suggest that client emotional intelligence is related to ...

Project category: Education
Social Information Processing Patterns of Peer-Victimized Children

This study examined social information processing (SIP) in peer-victimized children in ways that considered issues of measurement in what constitutes being a victim. A sample of 107 2nd and 3rd grade students completed self- and peer-reports of victimization and aggression, ...

Project category: Education
Teaching Number Sense to Kindergarteners

As I earlier visited Kindergarten classes in the United States, I was surprised to see how much time that was set aside for mathematical activities in a hands-on fashion. In the reform of the United States Principle and Standards for ...

Project category: Education

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