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Found in translation: A comparison of American, German, and Japanese mathematics texts and exercises

This study compares mathematics textbooks and accompanying exercises from Germany, Japan, and the United States. Two grade-9 mathematics texts from both Germany and the United States are investigated in addition to one Japanese text. The textbooks are compared using a number of characteristics: size, weight, organizational structure, page length and certain formatting measures.

Home Schooling: Are Partnerships Possible?

Home schooling is usually referred to as both the oldest and newest way of education, and as the number of home school students is growing, a collaboration is beginning to develop with their nearby school systems. A number of states are providing many different educational assets to these learners which might include engagement in extracurricular activities, classroom instruction, or online learning options. This exploratory case study is built to better understand a parent’s option to home school within the social and institutional framework available to them.

Bourdieu Cultural Capital Impact on Student College Choice Process

Worldwide economy is changing, as knowledge becomes the real key source of growth. Knowledge is getting more vital, and so is higher education. Offering access to higher education irrespective of a family’s socioeconomic position has become a primary concern in several nations. Bourdieu’s cultural capital theory posits that cultural capital is the property that middle and upper class families transmit to their kids.

Tools for Teaching and Learning

Tools for teaching and learning – A study of how some teachers of English and History perceive the role of different educational materials with regard to their own teaching and pupils’ learning The main purpose of this qualitative study is to investigate