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Value Creation in Buyouts

Title: Value Creation in Buyouts: Value-enhancement practices of private equity firms with a hands-on approach Private equity emerges as an alternative financing source to bank loans and other types of financial instruments, such as stock and bond issuance. The fundamental operation ...

Project category: Featured, Finance
How does Knowledge Management improve the Service Industry?

Competitive advantage is important for a company’s performance in emerging markets. Many companies lost sight of competitive advantage to grow and compete with domestic and global competitors. Thus, many companies try to gain it from managing knowledge. However, while the ...

Project category: Featured, SSM, Strategic Management
The influence of People: The Service Marketing benefits of training

In the past years the competition in the restaurant trade is increasing. There is more choice for the customers and thereby the restaurants have to work harder to attract customers. One way is to Market themselves differently. In this research ...

Project category: Featured, Marketing
On Logistics in the Strategy of the Firm

The purpose of this thesis is to describe and analyse the role of logistics in the strategy of the firm. Leading to this purpose are empirical observations of firms that manage to grow under sustained profitability, by the means of ...

Project category: Featured, Operations Management
Merger & Acquisition : Avoiding the path of decay

Mergers and acquisitions count among the most spectacular and most obvious strategic demonstrations on the scale of the company. Globalisation has led company to think globally and act locally. Such a change in the business world have made emerge ...

Project category: Economics, Featured, Finance
The internationalisation process of the firm: a case study

The Uppsala model is the most accepted paradigm regarding the internationalisation process of the firm. This thesis tries to complement the Uppsala model with Porter's theories regarding internationalisation. Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to study to what extent the ...

How industry change has affected European airlines: Development of profitability and capital structure year 2000-2008

The invention of the airplane is one of few inventions that have changed how people live and experience the world. The airline industry of today functions in a very intense and competitive market and is also very sensitive ...

Project category: Featured, Finance, Marketing
How Corporate Governance Affects Strategy of Corporations: Lessons from Enron Corporation

Bankruptcy and subsequent collapse of Houston-based energy giant Enron in December 2001 on charges of hidden debt, inflated profits, questionable accounting and governance; marked the beginning of a new debate on the significance of corporate governance for organizational sustainability. Corporate governance ...

The Role of FDI and Openness to Trade in Economic Growth: A study of Africa and Asia

Developing economies have become more influential in the world economy during the two last decades. The opened, dynamic and fastest-growing developing economies are considered to play a major ...

Project category: Economics, Featured
Competing in the Chinese Instant Noodle Market–A market research on the “Present Wheater”brand of the Hualong Group Co., Ltd

The thesis mainly discusses in two aspects. The first aspect is how the customers think of the “Present Wheater” of the Hualong Group and what the position of the “Present Wheater” is in the Chinese instant noodle market. We tried ...

Project category: Featured, Marketing

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