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Telesur: A case study

This thesis examines how the Latin American television channel Telesur was established, and the character of Telesurs programme listings and news broadcasts. The thesis also examines how Telesurs agenda to promote pan-Latin American integration, is visible in the material broadcasted... Contents 1. ...

Project category: Journalism
Enculturation and Acculturation of television use among Asian Indians in the U.S.

This study explored how a cohort of Asian Indians who migrated to the U.S. nearly 40 years ago have become acculturated to watching Indian television via the satellite dish. The study used the integrative communication theory and how two concepts ...

Project category: Journalism
From party soldier to real journalist: Professional identity and media systems in transition

This paper concerns East German journalists and the changes they have undergone, from working in the totalitarian regime of GDR to enter a western liberal media system. The purpose is to study how professional identity is created in a controlled ...

Project category: Journalism
Reason and Radicalism: The History of Donna Allen and Women’s Activism in Media

This dissertation is a study of Donna Allen, the founder of the Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press and Media Report to Women, a feminist newsletter on women's efforts to influence the mass media. Allen lived from 1920 to ...

Project category: Journalism
Beyond Cynicism: How Media Literacy Can Make Students More Engaged Citizens

Beyond Cynicism: How Media Literacy Can Make Students More Engaged Citizens explores what media literacy courses actually teach students. Do students become more knowledgeable consumers of media messages? Do students, armed with that knowledge, become more engaged citizens? A large ...

Project category: Journalism
Culture is communication

In this essay I want to investigate the internal communication of an transcultural company to see how different cultures are shown in different styles of negotiation. I have been looking at sixteen emails between a German businessman and a Swedish ...

Project category: Journalism
Marguerite Higgins: An Examination of Legacy and Gender Bias

This study examined the historical legacy of journalist Marguerite Higgins. The core research question of this dissertation is whether the legacy of Higgins, as portrayed in history, accurately reflects the facts of her life. The thesis focuses on allegations in ...

Project category: Journalism
The Materiality of Media Discourse On Capitalism and Journalistic Modes of Writing

The purpose of the study is to analyse the relationship between the capitalist hegemonic order and the mass media, with the latter restricted to two elite newspapers and the selection of news materials from three bodies of international media coverage: ...

Project category: Humanities, Journalism

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