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Real option valuation in high-tech firm

According to the traditional financial theory, the discounted cash flow model (or NPV) functions as the fundamental framework for the majority of analyses. In performing valuation analysis, the traditional view is that the net present value (NPV) of a project ...

Project category: Finance
Re-engineering Payment Systems

This report is about payment systems which are experiencing quick changes triggered largely by technological advancement. Distributed network technology, real-time processing and customers’ willingness to utilize electronic monetary interfaces will even more reshape payment systems in the long term. Internet ...

Project category: Finance
Project on Corporate Venture Capital Portfolio Management

The project discusses about the role of portfolio management for corporate venture capital. We have used a case study of DSM Venturing. The project report also talks about topics like: Modern Portfolio Theory, Portfolio Construction, Strategic Alignment, Risk Management for ...

Project category: Finance
Project on Momentum Strategy in Stock Market

The main objective of this project was to check out profitability of the momentum strategy in the stock markets. The momentum strategy is a smart investment strategy wherein earlier winners are bought and past losers are shorted. In this project ...

Project category: Finance
Rejections of the expectations hypothesis

The main objective in this project is to take a look at the rejection of the expectations hypothesis within a New Keynesian business cycle model. Earlier studies suggest that the Lucas general equilibrium asset pricing model cannot take into account ...

Project category: Finance
Corporate Spinoffs Project Report

In this project report you can learn about variables which result in corporate spinoffs along with the short and medium term risk and return which corporate spinoffs yield. A spin-off or a starburst is a type of corporate action ...

Project category: Economics, Finance
Term Structure of Interest Rates

In this paper we report the currently employed term structure estimation method in the Bank of Finland and we also discuss interpretation of the final results it produces. First we will introduce 2 extensively utilized term structure estimation methods: the ...

Project category: Economics, Finance
Remuneration Programs: A Principal Agent Theory perspective of CEO Remuneration Programs

In media these days, remuneration packages to CEO’s are often talked about. Media are often concentrating on the huge sums paid out instead of why the businesses use the programs. The objective of this dissertation is to look at if ...

Project category: Finance
Consumption Credit Default Predictions

Consumption credit performs an extremely crucial function in aiding consumption and allows customers to smooth consumption. On top of that, several merchants independently give various forms of credit choices. In spite of this, lending is related with risks and it ...

Project category: Finance
Problems of Home Country Control

In the European Economic Area the home country regulates the actions of its banks, wherever they may be functioning via branches or across borders, even though the host nation deals with the steadiness of its financial system and issues stemming ...

Project category: Finance

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