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Marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company

This project aims to establish an efficient marketing strategy for a Web Hosting Company, taking into consideration the organisations strategic position. A mix of both quantitative and qualitative research strategies were put to use. We will further discuss about strategic position, environment, strategic capabilities, influence of stakeholders, strategic choices, competitive rivalry, etc.

Customer loyalty in Internet banking

In this project, we discuss about customer loyalty in internet banking. As we know, Internet banking has developed and a lot of niche banks functioning largely with the Internet as a method have entered the banking segment. Maintaining the customer loyal online in an extremely competitive environment has turned into a key issue for the banks. The goal of this project is to examine what elements impact bank customer loyalty in an online environment.

E-tourism, Tourism Industry, Tourism Services, Tourist Satisfaction Project Report

This marketing project studies the impact of technology on the tourism services. Numerous organizations are providing their travel and tourism services on-line and are confident that they provide better services in comparison with conventional travel agencies. However the most crucial thing is the perception of their consumers. We will study about tourism industry, tourist satisfaction, e-tourism, etc.

Effect of Desire for control on consumer attitude in online advertisements

This project is all about the desire for control, degree of controllability in online advertisements. We will discuss important topics like Word-of-mouth marketing, Buzz marketing, Viral Marketing, Desirability for Control, Consumer Behaviour, Attitude toward the online advertisement, Attitude toward the brand, Purchase Intention….

Third party logistics a project report

This report is on “Determinants of customer partnering behavior in logistics outsourcing relationships: a relationship marketing perspective” Establishing close connections with third-party logistics providers (3PLs) has long been recognized in the literary works as a valuable technique for third-party logisticsĀ 3PLs and customer