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How does Knowledge Management improve the Service Industry?

Competitive advantage is important for a company’s performance in emerging markets. Many companies lost sight of competitive advantage to grow and compete with domestic and global competitors. Thus, many companies try to gain it from managing knowledge. However, while the ...

Project category: Featured, SSM, Strategic Management
Empowerment in the consumer service sector: from the perspective of management and frontline personnel in the insurance industry

The aim of this study was to gain better understanding of empowerment in the consumer service sector by comparing the perspective of mangers and frontline personnel. Empowerment can be described as giving discretion to frontline personnel to meet the needs ...

Project category: Human Resources, SSM
Quality Online Banking Services

Globalization and deregulations have increased competition in the marketplace, as nowadays it has become much easier for companies to cross borders ...

Project category: SSM
What a Difference a Bank Makes

The importance of financial services is self-evident for the well being of economies as well as societies. Major providers of such services are banks, next to mortgage credit companies and insurance companies. Banks, in this context, are commercial retail ...

Project category: Marketing, SSM
Marketing Strategies of an Integrated Facility Services Company

The purpose of our research (An Analysis of Marketing Strategies of an Integrated Facility Services Company: The Case of ISS, Sweden) is to understand how Integrated Facility service companies (using ISS, Sweden as our focus) develop, plan and implement useful ...

Project category: Marketing, SSM
Customer satisfaction in Services

The purpose of this thesis "A Context Analysis of Customer satisfaction in Services", is to examine selected elements, which have influence on customer satisfaction in services. The investigation is conducted bot from a theoretical and empirical point of view. The ...

Project category: Featured, Marketing, SSM
Industrial selling of services: a case study of the construction industry in Sweden

The field of selling has evolved rapidly during the most recent decade, changing the traditional view of selling from transactional focused to relationship focused. Due to these changes a need for research within industrial selling has been recognized. Furthermore, the ...

Project category: Marketing, SSM
How co-operation can deliver added value to customers: from the customers view

The ways to do business are changing and relationships are becoming more important. One big change in relationship marketing is that companies are co-operating in many different ways. These different forms of co-operation have been a big part of this ...

Project category: SSM
The impact of Internet on service quality in the banking sector

With the continuous growth of competition in the market place, understanding customers has become more and more important method of marketing. Research has shown that high service quality contributes significantly to profitability. In search of competitive advantage, both practitioners and ...

Project category: SSM
Managing the physical environment in services organizations : a case study of the servicescape’s affect on relationships between customers and employees

As an individual in a modern society you are without a doubt an experienced service consumer. On a daily basis a number of services may be used, everything from getting a haircut, to using a credit card or talking on ...

Project category: SSM

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