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Missing Value Problem

In this project, we will evaluate methods to imputation and utilize them on data gathered by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In the beginning, I discuss a number of imputation methods and analyze concept of multiple imputation (MI). Next, I ...

Project category: Mathematics
Global Optimization of Gaussian Mixture Models

This project provides a group of new algorithms designed to deliver globally optimal solutions for Gaussian mixture models. The Expectation-Maximization algorithm is definitely a popular and straightforward way for the estimation of Gaussian mixture models along with its natural extension, ...

Project category: Mathematics
Thermal Development in Injection Mould Filling

The heat transfer in the filling phase of injection moulding is studied, based on Gunnar Aronsson’s distance model for flow expansion. The choice of a thermoplastic materials model is motivated by general physical properties, admitting temperature and pressure dependence.

Project category: Mathematics
Stochastic Diffusion Problem: Iterative Methods

This project is on Stochastic Diffusion Problem. The primary goal of this project was to design iterative methods for solving the linear systems which usually appear from using the stochastic finite element approach to steady-state stochastic diffusion problems.

Project category: Mathematics
Transmission Networks: Modeling and Optimization

This project is about modeling and optimization of transmission networks. These types of networks carry out a vital task in communication, energy transmission, micro-electronics, etc. The intention of this project is to take into account a couple of different problems ...

Project category: Mathematics, Networking
Supply chain optimization in the forest industry

In this project report, we will talk about Forest supply chains its planning levels and optimization. This project is about modelling and solving large-scale planning problems in the supply chain in the forest industry. We have included five research papers. ...

Linear and Non-linear Deformations of Stochastic Processes

The objective of this section is to offer some background material and inspire, in addition to in short describe, the content of the first 2 papers of this thesis. At the very hart of Hilbert space theory and its apps ...

Project category: Mathematics
Classification and regularization in learning theory

In this dissertation, we research classification algorithms created by regularization schemes. The design of these algorithms and their error analysis are completely explained. These algorithms rely on convex risk minimization with Tikhonov regularization. They require an admissible convex loss function, ...

Project category: Mathematics
Mathematical studies of optical bistability

Efficient numerical methods are created to examine optical bistability in a multilayer structure with Kerr nonlinearity. It corresponds to computing multiple solutions of the one-dimensional nonlinear Helmholtz equation for an array of frequencies and incident intensities. The input-output characteristics is ...

Project category: Mathematics
Trace Diagrams, Representations, and Low-Dimensional Topology

This dissertation concerns a particular basis for the coordinate ring of the character variety of a surface. Let G be a connected reductive linear algebraic group, and let S be a surface whose fundamental group pi is a free group. ...

Project category: Mathematics

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