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Intersexuality: Medical and Social Implications

In this project, we theoretically study the intersexuality and its medical and social implications. The authors main interest of analysis consists of both exploring, describing and explaining. You can say that this research is a type of qualitative analysis of ...

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Combating HIV and AIDS

The intention behind this qualitative thesis is to discover exactly how and what educators in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania, educate their pupils with regards to HIV/AIDS in secondary school. We have utilized semi-structured interviews, observations as participator and my personal experiences ...

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Client participation in the rehabilitation process

In this dissertation we will examine the rehabilitation process when it comes to client participation. The Swedish version of a client-centred structure, the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), is examined from the points of views of the clients, the occupational ...

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Migrant Worker: Commodity or Human?

In this report we will use peace and conflict theory to review the migrant worker issue in the Gulf States, emphasizing Indian construction laborers in the emirate of Dubai. Peace and conflict theory is found to give a missing point ...

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Anti-Trafficking Policy Formulation in Georgia Policy Network Analysis

Trafficking in humans happens in many regions of the world. On a yearly basis a large number of men, women and children world wide are enslaved by organized crime in the business called “human trafficking”. Particularly trafficking of women for ...

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Basing on drama theory, social learning theory and activation theory of information exposure, this dissertation attempted to check out the strength of live drama as a communication tool for raising young people’s awareness about HIV/AIDS and to draw conclusions. This ...

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Optimization in Continuum Flow Problems

Different kinds of flow systems are found all over the place: in the water streaming in the ground, in lakes and rivers, and in the air in the atmosphere, in the dissolved sugar spreading in a cup of tea , ...

Project category: Miscellaneous
Achieving Continuity: Reasoning and Knowing in IT Support Practices

The objective of this research is to evaluate knowing in action, that is, just how individuals deal with difficulties and disturbances in an ongoing work process of a highly complicated nature. The theoretical background is an interest in the relationships ...

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A Study of Gender Representation in Californication

By studying contemporary media texts we could have a better understanding for our specific culture and time. The goal of this report is to talk about some messages that the media convey about gender and the potential effects of this ...

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On aircraft fuel systems: conceptual design and modeling

The largest and most important fluid system in an aircraft is the fuel system. Obviously, future aircraft projects involve the design of fuel system to some degree. In this project design methodologies for aircraft fuel systems are studied, with the ...

Project category: Miscellaneous

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