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Ecofeminism and Environmental Ethics

This study focuses on ecofeminist ethical theory. A first aim is to clarify ecofeminist views on five central issues in the field of environmental ethics. These issues are: (1) Views of nature, (2) social constructivism and nature, (3) values of ...

Project category: Theology
African Women and Religious Change: A study of the Western Igbo of Nigeria with a special focus on Asaba town

This study focuses on a small ethnic group in the western part of Igboland called Asaba. It describes how the religious and socio-political role of women has changed, due to colonialism, modernisation, Western education and Christianity, which were brought by ...

Project category: Theology
Is there a gap between the Church and the people?: Interviews with parishioners and ministers in Stockholm

To describe and compare parishioners’ and minister’s 1) existential, spiritual and religious experiences, 2) expectations and conceptions regarding the Church and the ecclesial activities and 3) in theological terms reflect over these experiences and conceptions. Method. A random, stratified, sample was ...

Project category: Theology
Movies and Meaning: Studying Audience, Fiction Film and Existential Matters

In what ways and under what circumstances can a movie be a resource for individuals and their thoughts about existential matters? This central research question has been investigated using a both quantitative and qualitative approach. First, a questionnaire was distributed ...

Project category: Theology

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