Spatially Controllable Chemical Vapor Deposition System

Project Title: Development of a Spatially Controllable Chemical Vapor Deposition System

Most conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems do not have the spatial actuation and sensing capabilities necessary to control deposition uniformity, or to intentionally induce nonuniform deposition patterns for single-wafer combinatorial CVD experiments. In an effort to address these limitations, a novel CVD reactor system has been developed that can..

Author: Choo, Jae-Ouk

Source: University of Maryland

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1 The Concept of Spatially Controllable Chemical Vapor Deposition System
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Equipment Design for Uniformity
1.3 The Programmable Reactor Concept
1.4 Reactor Design Principles
2 Preliminary Experiments and Simulations with Proto-type System P1
2.1 Introduction : Prototype Construction
2.2 Modeling and Simulation
2.2.1 Exhaust volume
2.2.2 Inter-segment diffusion
2.2.3 Intra-segment transport
2.3 Simulation Results
2.3.1 Low-flow results
2.3.2 High-flow results
2.4 Prototype Experimental Tests
2.4.1 Segment-to-segment gas composition differences
2.4.2 Control of pattern resolution
2.5 Simulation-Based Interpretation of Film Deposition Results
2.5.1 Simulated vs. measured deposition rates
2.6 Chapter Summary
3 Construction of Prototype System P2 and Evaluationof its Combinatorial Processing Capabilities
3.1 Combinatorial CVD
3.2 The Prototype P2 Reactor System
3.2.1 Chambers and pumps systems
3.2.2 Gas distribution box
3.2.3 Gas composition sensing
3.3 Wafer Temperature Distribution
3.4 W Deposition Experiments: H2 Reduction
3.4.1 Experiment conditions
3.4.2 Uniform deposition experiments
3.4.3 Non-uniform deposition experiment
3.4.4 W film properties produced by the prototype system P2 using EXP2 recipe
3.5 Chapter Summary
4 Conclusions
5 Future work
5.1 Improving Intra-segment Uniformity
5.2 Control Strategy for the Programmable CVD System
5.2.1 Measurement based optimal control
5.2.2 Multiple endpoint detection
5.2.3 Combined measurement based optimal control and multiple endpoint detection
A W Chemical Vapor Deposition
A.1 W CVD chemistry
A.2 Overall growth rate expressions for H2 reduced W on a wafer surface
B Thickness measurement of W films using a 4 point probe
C Parameters used for modeling and simulation

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