Coded Cooperative Communications

Wireless communication has been evolving and growing rapidly during the last few years. In order to meet the demand of this growth researchers as well as industry have been working for new techniques and new standardizations. Usually wireless communications performance is badly affected by channel fading. Diversity technique is used to reduce the impact of fading on wireless channel by conveying data over multiple independent fading channel paths and combine them at the receiver. Cooperative diversity is novel transmission technique where multiple terminals use their resources in cooperative manner to form a virtual array that realizes spatial diversity gain in a distributed fashion…


1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Thesis Overview
2 Wireless Communication
2.1 Wireless Channel
2.1.1 Attenuation
2.1.2 Noise
2.1.3 Free Space Loss
2.1.4 Multipath
2.2 Fading
2.2.1 Multipath Fading
2.2.2 Types of Fading
2.2.3 Fading Channel
2.3 Error Compensation Mechanism
2.3.1 Diversity
2.3.2 Error Correction Codes
Cooperative Communications
3.1 Background
3.2 Cooperative Communications
3.3 Cooperation Signaling Schemes
3.3.1 Detect and Forward
3.3.2 Amplify and Forward
3.3.3 Coded Cooperative
4 Coding for the Relay Channel
4.1 The Communication Model
4.2 Probability of Error
4.3 Repetition Code
4.4 Cooperative System Model
4.5 Simulation
4.6 Results
5 Experimental Relay Channel
5.1 Test Bed
5.1.1 Click Router
5.1.2 Setup
5.2 Results
6 Conclusions
7 References

Author: Kamal Khatir

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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