Combined electric, electromagnetic, and thermal modeling based on a PEEC approach

The thermal design of printed circuit boards (PCB:s) has become a critical process in the early development stages of electronic packages. This increasingly important design has been brought about by rapid advancements in chip technology and packaging techniques. This master’s thesis combines the partial element equivalent circuits (PEEC) formulation to give mathematical models for development of heat and temperature in electric circuits and networks. The numerical stability of solving integral and differential equations for PEEC currents and the electrothermal solution, respectively, has also been discussed in this work.

Computer implementation and simulation of the electrothermal modeling of a lightning protection system (LPS) show that the finite difference methods are applicable to con-figurate the integral equation-based method of PEEC with the differential equation-based method for solving the conduction of heat in such electrical networks. In this model combination, however, there will be restrictions on numerical solution of the thermal modeling in which carefulness in choosing the number of time step-sizes is of absolute importance.

Author: Monsefi, Farid

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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