Communicator Attractiveness Versus Similarity In Persuasion

The purpose of the present research was to investigate circumstances under which an attractive but non-similar communicator will be more persuasive than a similar but non-attractive communicator and circumstances under which a similar but non-attractive communicator will be more persuasive than an attractive but non-similar communicator…

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Author: Hyman, Jarrod

Source: University of Maryland


Chapter I: Introduction
Communicator Attractiveness
Communicator Similarity
Purpose and Hypotheses
Chapter II: Method
Chapter III: Results
Memory Check
Correlations Among Questionnaire Items and
Calculations of Measures
Source Attractiveness Index
Ratings of Similarit y
Ratings of Knowledgeability
Ratings of Objectivity
Ratings of Sincerity
Product Attitude Index
Chapter IV: Discussion
Appendix A: Attractive Source Form
Appendix B: Similar Source Form
Appendix C: Product Message “Everyone Needs”
Appendix D: Product Message “Everyone Likes”
Appendix E: Product Message “You Need”
Appendix F: Product Message “You Like”
Appendix G: Questionnaire Items
Appendix H: Memory Test

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