Community Food Systems: Working towards Sustainability and Satisfying Human Needs

A community food system (CFS) can assist a community in satisfying human needs while also working toward a principle-based understanding of sustainability. Utilizing a whole-systems perspective and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, we identify generic satisfiers of human needs (as defined by Max-Neef: Subsistence, Participation, Identity, Idleness, Creation, Freedom, Affection, Understanding and Protection) that are affected by a CFS. Then we identify specific leverage…


1 Introduction
1.1 The Global Food Commodity System
1.2 Sustainable Development
1.2.1 Sustainability Principles
1.2.2 Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development
1.2.3 Creating a Vision
1.3 Realizing Human Needs
1.4 Communities
1.5 Community Food Systems
1.5.1 Definition of CFS
1.5.2 The CFS Advantage
1.5.3 From ‗Food Commodity‘ to ‗Community Food System‘
1.5.4 Strategic Sustainable Development of the CFS
1.6 Research Questions
2 Methods
2.1 Model for Qualitative Research Design
2.2 Conceptual Frameworks
2.2.1 Backcasting
2.2.2 ABCD Process
2.2.3 Spiral Method
2.3 Literature Review
2.4 Human Needs Assessment
2.5 Systems Analysis
2.6 Strategy Development
3 Results
3.1 Satisfying Human Needs with a Community Food System
3.1.1 Satisfiers
3.1.2 Leverage Points
3.1.3 Satisfiers & Leverage Points Summary
3.2 Strategy Analysis
3.2.1 Systems Analysis Strategies
3.2.2 Community Strategy Analysis
3.2.3 Summary of Strategies
3.3 CFS and Sustainability Principles
3.4 Strategy Areas
4 Discussion
4.1 Limitations of our Analysis
4.2 A Shift towards Human Needs
4.3 Community Food Systems and Sustainability
4.3.1 Ecological Cycles and the CFS
4.3.2 Human Needs and Sustainability
4.3.3 The Role of Diversity
4.3.4 Local as a Means, not an End
4.4 Synergistic Effects of the CFS
4.4.1 The Community and Beyond
4.5 From Theory to Practice
5 Conclusion

Author: Monique Monteverde, Katie Pease, Anthony W. Thompson

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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