Symbol-Based Control of a Ball-on-Plate Mechanical System

Modern control systems often consist of networks of components that must share a common communication channel. Not all components of the networked control system can communicate with one another simultaneously at any given time. The “attention” that each component receives is an important factor that affects the system’s overall performance…

Author: Yip, Phillip Thomas

Source: University of Maryland

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1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives and Contributions
1.2 Outline
2 Related Work
2.1 Stability Without Attention
2.2 Hybrid System Stability
2.3 Limited Communication Control
2.4 Quantization
2.5 Language-Based control
3 A Mechanical “Ball-On-Plate” System
3.1 Plate Kinematics
3.2 Ball and Plate Dynamics
3.3 Restriction to One Dimension
3.4 Linearization
4 Experimental Setup
4.1 Hardware
4.1.1 Mechanical Construction
4.1.2 PC-Based Controller
4.1.3 Computer Vision
4.1.4 Language-Driven Motors
4.2 Software
4.2.1 Operating System
4.2.2 Overall Control Program Layout
4.2.3 Image Acquisition
4.2.4 Ball Location Detection
4.2.5 Serial Communications
5 Control Strategy and Experiments
5.1 Stability for Unconstrained Switching
5.2 Communication Strategy and Control System Layout
5.3 Open-loop control
5.4 Proposed Control Algorithm
5.4.1 Controllability
5.4.2 Switching Regions
5.5 Simulation Results
5.5.1 Instantaneous Switching with Minimum Dwell Time
5.5.2 Effects of Delayed Switching
5.5.3 Non-instantaneous Switching with Dwell Time
5.5.4 Implementation of Predictive Switching and Experimental Results
6 Conclusions and FutureWork
A Mechanical Linkage Kinematics

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