The Control of the Epigenome

The genetic information required for the existence of a living cell of any kind is encoded in the sequence information scripted in the double helix DNA. A modern trend in biology struggles to come to grip with the amazing fact that there are so many different cell types in our body and that they are directed from the same genomic blueprint. It is clear, that the key to this feature is provided by epigenetic information that dictates how, where and when genes should be expressed. Epigenetic states “dress up” the genome by packaging it in chromatin conformations that differentially regulate accessibility for key nuclear factors and in coordination with differential localizations within the nucleus will dictate the ultimate task, expression.In the imprinted Igf2/H19 domain, this feature is determined by the interaction between the chromatin insulator protein CTCF and the unmethylated H19 imprinting control region. Here I show that CTCF interacts with many sites genome-wide and that these sites are generally protected from DNA methylation, suggesting that CTCF function has been recruited to manifest novel imprinted states during mammalian development.This thesis also describes the discovery of an epigenetically regulated network of intra and interchromosomal complexes, identified by the invented 4C method. Importantly, the disruption of CTCF binding sites at the H19 imprinting control region not only disconnects this network, but also leads to significant changes in expression patterns in the interacting partners.Interestingly, CTCF plays an important role in the regulation of the replication timing not only of the Igf2 gene, but also of all other sequences binding this factor potentially by a cell cycle-specific relocation of CTCF-DNA…


Gene Expression and Regulation
The CTCF Protein
Replication Timing
Genome Organization
Long Range Interactions
Aims of the Present Studies
Paper I
Paper II
Paper III
Paper IV
Results and Discussion
Paper I
Paper II
Paper III
Paper IV
Summary in Swedish
Epigenomets reglering

Author: Lezcano, Magda

Source: Uppsala University Library

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