Corporate Sustainability/CSR Communications and Value Creation: A Marketing Approach

The purpose of this study is to explore the current practices in corporate sustainability / CSR communications and how this trend contributes to corporate value creation. More specifically, this study looks at this subject from the angle of how companies can use corporate sustainability/CSR communications in marketing activities to attain corporate marketing objectives. To achieve the aim of this study, an examination of the current practices in corporate sustainability /CSR communications was performed through a pertinent empirical and theoretical literature review as well as a quantitative and qualitative empirical method using a survey questionnaire.


1. Introduction
1.1. Motivation and Justification
1.2. Background of Corporate and Marketing Communications and Sustainability
1.2.1. Corporate and Marketing Communications Corporate Communications Marketing Communications Merging Corporate and Marketing Communications
1.2.2. Sustainability Why Sustainability? Stakeholders, Corporate Sustainability and CSR
1.3. Problem Discussion
1.4. Research Purpose, Questions and Scope
1.4.1. Research Purpose
1.4.2. Research Questions
1.4.3. Scope
1.5. Methodology
1.5.1. Literature Review
1.5.2. Survey Why Survey Reflection on the Value and Bias of Survey Method
1.6. Outline of the Thesis
2. Corporate and Marketing Communications Literature Review
2.1. Marketing and Corporate Communications: Strategic Relationship
2.2. Corporate Communications and Profile Marketing Strategy
2.3. Corporate Communications: The Management of Corporate Identity
2.3.1. Overview
2.3.2. The Management of Corporate Identity New Strategic Corporate Identity Approach Objectives of Corporate Identity Management Lack of Corporate Identity Management: Disadvantages
2.3.3. Corporate-Level Concepts: Personality, Identity, Image & Reputation Corporate Personality Corporate Identity Corporate Image Corporate Reputation
2.3.4. Public Relations (PR) What is PR Corporate Public Relations (CPR) Public Relations and Corporate Sustainability
3. Corporate Sustainability Literature Review
3.1. What is sustainability?
3.2. Corporate Sustainability
3.2.1. Overview
3.2.2. Corporate Sustainability: an Emerging Management Paradigm Sustainable Development Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Stakeholder Concept Corporate Accountability
3.3. Relationship between Corporate Sustainability and Communications
4. Corporate Social Responsibility Communications/Reporting
4.1. Key Role of Corporate Communications in Corporate Sustainability
4.2. Marketing and Corporate Communications, CSRC and Stakeholders
4.3. Corporate Social Responsibility Communications/Reporting Practice
4.4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice
4.5. Auditing and Assurance of Corporate Sustainability/CSR Reporting
4.6. Corporate Social Responsibility Communications and Value Creation
4.6.1. Overview
4.6.2. Corporate Social Responsibility Communications and Reputation
4.6.3. CSRC and Financial Performance (FP) Empirical Evidence of Positive Link of CSRC to FP Theoretical and Empirical studies on the Link of ESP to FP Reflection on the Bias of Studies on CSU/ESP and FP
4.7. Skepticism towards CSRC Practice
5. Results, Analysis and Discussion
5.1. Results and Analysis
5.1.1. Overview
5.1.2. Survey Results
5.1.3. Results Analysis Current Practices in CSRC Value Creation of CSRC
5.2. Discussion
5.2.1. Overview
5.2.2. Current Practices in CSRC
5.2.3. Value Creation of CSRC
5.2.4. Limitations
5.2.5. Strengths and Weaknesses
6. Conclusions, Key Findings and Further Research
6.1. Conclusions
6.2. Key Findings
6.3. Suggestions for Further Research

Author: Bibri Mohamed

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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