Parameter analysis of creep models of PP/CaCo3 nanocomposites

The present report is about the parameter analysis of creep models of Nanocomposites (Isotactic polypropylene and CaCo3).The parametric analysis of the nanocomposites under creep was carried out, and the parameters related to creep model are determined by comparing to the experimental results. The influence of these parameters on the creep was studied. Using commercially available software ABAQUS, Finite Element Calculations were done for elastic and creep conditions. The results obtained from theoretical analysis were verified with the Experimental Results. Also Abaqus results are compared with the Experimental results.


1 Notations
2 Background
3 Introduction to creep
3.1 Primary Creep
3.2 Secondary Creep
3.3 Tertiary Creep
3.4 Creep under variable loading
4 Experimental Work
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Tensile test for creep measurement
4.3 Experimental Results and parameter Analysis Work
4.4 Curve fitting with three methods
4.4.1 Method 1
4.4.2 Method 2
4.4.3 Method 3
4.5 Discussion and conclusion of parameter analysis
5 ABAQUS Model
6 Modeling and Simulation
6.1 ABAQUS/CAE Model
7 Conclusions and Further Work
8 References

Author: Harikishan Mandalapu , Sandeep Karanamsetty

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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