CSR in China: a legitimate cause?

Following the development from government to governance in the world often ascribed to the forces of globalization, global corporations have become increasingly expected to widen their agency and perform as political actors in relation to for example the environment, human rights, working conditions and welfare provisions (schooling, education, health care etc). All these extra-curricular activities can be thought of as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). If CSR is seen as an exercise of power, then it necessarily needs to be legitimate. There are essentially two reasons for this; namely that it is normatively desirable as well as practically necessary for its successful functioning. If legitimacy is defined as acting in accordance with prevalent norms and values, then legitimacy of CSR policies of global corporations can be questioned on the basis of the degree to which these policies and the decision-making procedures behind them are compatible with the norms and values of central stakeholders.’

Author: Andersson Akerblom, Tobias

Source: Goteborg University

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