This thesis studies two related issues that have gained relevance as a consequence of several of the major currency crises of the 1990s. The first is the impact that devaluations have on investment when domestic firms have currency mismatches, i.e., debt denominated in foreign currency and assets and revenues in domestic currency….

Author: Rodriguez Martinez, Pedro Cesar Jesus

Source: University of Maryland

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. On the Impact of Devaluations on Investment When Firms Have Currency Mismatches: Evidence from Thai Firms
2.1 Related Empirical Literature
2.1.1 Findings and Methodologies of the Related Work
2.1.2 Shortcomings of the Related Work
2.1.3 Contributions of this chapter
2.2 Methodology
2.2.1 General Strategy
2.2.2 The Source of Shocks to Net Worth: Thailand Before and During the Asian Crisis
2.2.3 Estimation Strategy
2.3. Data and Measurement of CM
2.3.1 Dataset
2.3.2 Measurement of CM
2.3.3 Is the Dataset Representative of What Happened in Thailand During the Asian Crisis?
2.4. Results
2.4.1 Summary Statistics
2.4.2 Testing for the Q model
2.4.3 Extending the Q Model to Account for Measurement Error in Tobin’s Q
2.5. Evaluating the Empirical Importance of the Balance Sheet Channel
2.6. Conclusions
Chapter 3. Balance Sheets and Investment in Episodes of Crises: Evidence from Four Asian Countries
3.1 Data
3.2 Empirical Analysis
3.2.1 Summary Statistics
3.2.2 Estimations
3.3 Evaluating the Empirical Importance of the Balance Sheet Channel
3.4 Conclusions
Chapter 4. Government’s Incentives and Currency Composition of Firms’ Debt
4.1 Related Literature
4.1.1 Channels Emphasized in the Related Literature
4.1.2 Shortcomings of the Related Literature
4.2 The Model
4.2.1 Ingredients of the Model
4.2.2 Horizon
4.2.3 Agents
4.2.4 Sequence of Events
4.3 Solution of the Model
4.3.1 Solution to Agents’ Problems
4.3.2 Equilibrium
4.4 Conclusions
Appendix to Chapter 2: Variables and Definitions

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