Managing customer relationships on the Internet

‘Virtual exchange’ is bringing buyers and sellers together electronically rather than having to go to a physical market place. The Internet is affecting every facet of business life, obliterating current business models. It is becoming increasingly clear that stalled or failed CRM projects are often the result of companies lacking a thorough understanding of what CRM initiatives entail. The purpose of our study is to find out that how customer relationships are being managed (CRM) on the Internet. Our research explores, describes and begins to explain, how the most successful airlines of the world are satisfying their customers by providing services through their websites. How the companies are describing online environment for their customers. Is it user friendly and meeting their requirements of customers or not. In our study, we have used individual case analysis for each company and cross case analysis for both companies. Our finding concerns with the contents and their customer services, provided on the websites of airlines. The contents match with theory mostly, but there are still some to implement by them. They are much efficient in providing online services but still they need to provide complete shipping information and money back guarantee. Companies should use chat functions for customer’s immediate interactions, whether cookies are better option. That’s why companies are spending billions of dollars to process information of their customers for CRM on internet. Finally, implications for theory, managers and future research are described.

Author: Muhammad Ali Khan, Muhammad Amer Shahzad

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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