Topics on D-branes and Holography

We discuss various aspects of D-branes in string theory and holography in string theory and loop quantum gravity.One way to study D-branes is from a microscopic perspective, using conformal field theory techniques. For example, we investigate the question of how D-branes can be introduced into orbifolded theories. Another way to study D-branes is from a space-time perspective. An example is provided by unstable D-branes, where we compute an effective action describing the decay of a bosonic D-brane.The holographic principle is a proposed duality which suggests that a theory in any region has a dual description on the boundary. We explore two examples: (1) The area law for the entropy of a black hole in the framework of loop quantum gravity, related to particular regularizations of the area operator. (2) The AdS/CFT correspondence proposal, where we investigate a string pulsating on AdS using spin chains.


1 Introduction
2 Boundary Conformal Field Theory
2.1 Conformal Field Theory in Two Dimensions
2.2 D-branes and Boundary CFT
2.3 Orbifolded theories
2.4 The WZNW Model on the Orbifold
3 Rolling Tachyons
3.1 D-branes and Tachyons
3.2 Boundary String Field Theory
3.3 Decaying D-branes
3.4 Rolling Superstring Tachyons
3.5 Deriving Effective Actions
4 Black Holes and the Holographic Principle
4.1 Canonical Gravity
4.2 Ashtekar’s Variables
4.3 Quantized Area Spectrum
4.4 Black Hole Thermodynamics
5 The AdS/CFT Duality and Spin Chains
5.1 The AdS/CFT Correspondence
5.2 Super Yang-Mills SU(N) gauge theory
5.3 Spin Chains
5.4 Anomalous dimensions in the SU(2) sector
5.5 AdS/CFT Beyond the SU(2) Sector
6 Acknowledgments
7 Summary in Swedish: Om D-bran och holografi

Author: Smedbäck, Mikael

Source: Uppsala University Library

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