Data warehouse maintenance: improving data warehouse perfomance through efficient maintenance

Data warehousing has been a buzz word in the IT industry since mid 90’s. Researchers are constantly involved in finding new and improved ways for the design and development of data warehouses. But unlike traditional operational information systems used for running the day to day business of an organization, data warehouses require a lot more maintenance and support. The real work of taking output from the data warehouse depends largely on how it is managed. Although a lot of research is going on to enhance the design and development of data warehouses, very little effort has been spent on the maintenance side. Without proper maintenance data warehouse is not going to give the desired output which is expected of it. As data warehousing projects are very expensive, it is extremely desirable that it gives the desired results and functions smoothly. In this research study we have tried to figure out the currently available maintenance methods being used by the industry today to enhance the data warehouse performance. First we have gathered data from the books, journals, articles and the internet to see which maintenance mechanisms are available. Than we have gathered data related to data warehouse maintenance from a company using data warehouse and finally we have compared the theoretical findings with the real world findings and gave our opinion on the best possible strategies to improve data warehouse performance through efficient maintenance.

Author: Javed, Asad; Rafique, Sardar Saad

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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